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Sounded like a solid idea : )

I feel like I need to warn my flist that I'm going to be doing some flist housecleaning. This is always problematic because the entire notion of 'unfriending' someone is harsh. But my flist is large and I half suspect that there are several people on there who don't read my lj. And some of my flist are people that I don't think pay any attention to LJ anymore, in favor of Facebook or something else. And franky there are a few of you who I struggle to remember who you are in the real world. Begs the question of if I can't put a face the lj name, should you be on my f-list? Cause sometimes I err on the side of oversharesies. Anyhow, there you go : ) Just some housekeeping!

In any case, don't take the 'unfriend' as a sign of any sort. Cause it is not. At all. Even a little bit. Trust me. If I was vexed with you or something, you would be the first to know. REALLY.

And if I unfriend you and you are sad that I did please message me and let me know and we can chat it out : ) Please to not be hurt k?

HUGE hugs.
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As some of you may be aware, one of the charities I support is the annual Five Days for the Homeless.

Founded by my students in 2005 with the goal of raising some money for the Youth Emergency Shelter to help youth at risk, the event has taken off with $2000 raised in the first year to a whopping $25,000+ in 2007. In 2008 my students took the project nationally and organized a coordinated fundraising event accross 10 difference business school campuses raising in the end over $130,000 nationally. Last year we had 17 campuses participating accross all of Canada and raised $174,492 nationally! Simply shows what the fine organizational minds of business students can do when put to a noble task.

Beyond my own donations, as part of my committment to the event, I will be sleeping out on the street with my students tonight to experience how hard even one night without a warm bed and a roof over your head can be. BTW this includes me going directly to work from the street and functioning all day Monday without any money or creature comforts either. This will be my third year supporting them by actually sleeping out on the street!

So I am asking all of you who can, to help me and my students in this ambitious fundraising endeavor. Helping Youth at Risk has proven to be the best means to help deal with homelessness because once someone becomes part of that cycle - getting them out is stastically nigh impossible.

If nothing else, please don't let me freeze my butt off for nothing. In case you've forgotten, it's March and I live in Edmonton, Alberta so it's gonna be chilly.

For more information or to donate on-line please visit www.5days.ca

And I have to say that it is moments like these that make me SO proud of my students and give me hope for the future. These kids can decide my geriatric fate just fine ; )

Here we are all clean and full of hope : )

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Had a chat with parlor games this weekend about LJ and after much contemplation I have decided I will no longer be posting publicly.

That still means that all the fabulous people on my friends list will see my posts - so no worries but I am no longer making them open to the whole world ; )

And I will be using a fighting filter for fighting stuff so if you used to read my fighting posts and would like to be added to the filter please let me know.

If I inadvertently miss you let me know!

Thought some of you might care to know : )

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